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Through the Jumpgate #025

We are back after a startlingly short amount of time with part two of our two-part battle royale between science fiction and science fact.  “Doctor Rachel” returns with more smart-people talk that Kosh doesn’t understand, and Raven probably says inappropriate things at some point.  Also, Kosh references Empty Nest, for all you fans of Golden Girls spin-offs.

Through the Jumpgate #025 m4a

Through the Jumpgate #025 mp3

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Through the Jumpgate #024

Part One of our two-part discussion about actual science versus science fiction.  What do some shows get right?  What do most shows get wrong?  Special Guest “Doctor Rachel” joins us in the terminal as our science expert, being an actual Scientist!  Raven talks about The Particle Play, too.

Download the show:

Through the Jumpgate #024 M4A

Through the Jumpgate #024 MP3

Or listen to it right here:

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