About The Podcast

Welcome to Through The Jumpgate

A Science Fiction Discussion Podcast and Blog

Hosted by Kosh and Raven

This is a podcast about all things surrounding the genre of Science Fiction. We discuss mostly movies and television shows since they tend to be the most accessible form of sci-fi for most audiences. Occasionally, though, we will discuss other media out there such as comics, games, novels, and even related topics such as science fact, technology, culture, and society. We will also have some guests on the show to broaden the viewpoint of our discussions which sometimes sparks some interesting debates. So check out all the episodes we have available and follow us using your RSS feed, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Please tell your friends about the show and help us grow. Comments and suggestions about the show are always welcome and check out the Contact Us page for other ways to get involved with the discussion.

Pack your bags and get your passport ready to step…Through The Jumpgate!

Kosh – Host and editor.

Raven – Host and talking bird machine.

Jumpgate Interface Interactive Comment Area.

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