About Kosh

The man you know as Kosh was born in Michigan in 1979, and has long held a love for science fiction.  Additionally he enjoys comic books, movies, walks in the park, hanging out with friends, making his bio page sound like a parody of online personals, and daydreaming about being telekinetic.

He started out as a child, growing up with his parents and one brother, and watching reruns of the original Star Trek series.  The first clear memories of non-Star Trek science fiction television actually center around Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.  Do you remember Captain Power?  Go look it up and then come back here.  See?  Doesn’t it look awesome?  I’ll bet you wish you had watched it back then.

Kosh does not know what listeners want to know about him.  He doesn’t know what to say.  But he knows Star Trek the Next Generation.  A lot.  The rest of Star Trek also.  He plays Scene-It: Star Trek Edition sometimes, with four people on one team and himself on the other, and wins.  Every time.  He also knows Babylon 5.  There is no Scene It game for Babylon 5 but there should be.  If there was, Kosh would play it.

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